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FFG / Apoka

To participate please complete the Registration Form on the Registration Page. 

League Duration
The format Swiss pairings followed by "top cuts" of single elimination games.

Top Cut
After Swiss pairings the top players will advance to the single-elimination top cut. The final game for the Champion title, is played as a best of three.

Weekly Matches
You will play two games against two opponents per two weeks. Each two weeks will run Monday thru Sunday (ending at 10 PM Central Time). All matches must be reported by this time. Matches not reported by the deadline will result in 0 points for both players.

Scheduling a Match
Pairings will be announced on our facebook page.

- Once announced it is the responsibility of each player to contact one another using the Private Messaging system at cardgamedb.com and schedule a time to play their game.

-Please contact your opponent no later than Wednesday evening of the first week, 11:59 PM Central Time. If you do not then you give them the right to report the match as a win for themselves due to a scheduling conflict.

Scheduling Conflicts
While it is understandable that you may be unable to play your match on a given week because of scheduling conflicts please let the other player know. If your opponent is unable to play due to a scheduling conflict then please report the win condition of "Concession (game not played)" for yourself. This is what is known as a Modified Win.

There are NO Ties
If the game can not be scheduled because both parties equally share the burden of not being able to schedule a match then the players will need to randomly decide among themselves as to who should be the winner/loser. Alternatively, they can both choose to not be awarded any points by having one of the players report the match as a "Game not reported (double loss)".

Not Being Able to Contact Your Opponent
If you do not hear back from the player you are paired up against and have made multiple efforts to contact them but received no response then you report the game as a win for yourself, under the win condition of "Concession (game not played)".  This counts as a Modified Win. 

Waiting on Your Opponent
If you are more than 30 minutes late to the agreed upon time then you give your opponent the right to report the match as a Modified Win (Concession - Game Not Played) for themselves due to a scheduling conflict.

Reporting a Match Result
It will be the winner's responsibility to report a match result. DO NOT enter your match result if you were the loser.

Bye Week
Any given player may experience a Bye Week if there are an odd number of players. A Bye Week will be assigned as a victory, netting the player the full 5-point value for a win. There is no need to report this type of Match Result.


Victory - 5 points
Modified Victory: Win by concession (Game not played) - 4 points
Loss - 0 points

Time Limit
There are no time limits. Games on OCTGN can take much longer than normal due to the limitations of a chatbox versus real life conversation.
Please be sure to give yourself plenty of time to play your games - at least an hour and half or so. If one player must drop out mid-game due to a time restraint it is considered a loss via "Concession (in-game)".

Normal deck-building rules apply. You do not have to play the same deck week to week.
No deck registration is necessary.
(Champions cards and non-Apoka fanmade cards are not allowed)

Tiebreakers are based on Strength of Schedule and a inbuilt Apoka system designed by the Adeptus Astronomica.

Being Dropped From the League
If you fail to make contact with your opponent 2 or more times you will be dropped from the league.
If you fail to Report a Match 2 or more times you will be dropped from the league. (Note - if you are the loser in a game that has not been reported contact us the following week so we can update your status.)

Code of Conduct
If instances of rudeness, cheating, questionable play, "rage-quitting" or other forms of poor behavior are reported an organizer will have the power to penalize (up-to and including an immediate dropping of a player from league play).

Handling Disconnects
Sometimes disconnects happen (OCTGN will say whether a player leaves on purpose or not). There are a few avenues to pursue here.
1) Wait and see if they get reconnected.
2) Check your cardgamedb message box as they may try to contact you there.
3) If you can't get reconnected have both players check the game state and see if they can agree upon who was ahead and likely to win. If a decision is reached this should be reported as a "win, via in-game concession".
4) If the players cannot reschedule and cannot come to an agreement as to who won then report it as a tie.
5) Remember that sometimes by NOT allowing spectators you can minimize your risk of getting disconnected. Granted, people do like to spectate matches, but if you know you're prone to disconnects it is better to be safe than sorry!