What is this all about?

An humble attempt to make Conquest a living and wonderful game.

We promise a full year of exciting releases, surprises and Organized Play.

Who are you?

We are a team of passionate Conquest players. We are professionals (game designers, 12 years in the industry) and fans. We love the game. We want, like the whole community, to see Conquest alive!

What’s your plan?

We plan on releasing a pack every 1-2 months (plus possible specials).

Our pledge is exactly what we would like to hear as Conquest players: “We promise to provide a full cycle and far more, you can keep playing Conquest. It's alive!”

What is the format?

The pack format is 54 cards. It may seem an awkward number, but it’s a standard deck size for your local printer (poker format). We provide a high quality jpg files, so you just need to forward it to your printer to get your pack.

What is your vision for the game?

We love the game and we respect the game (yes... even Imperial Power Fist’s wording).

We just want to keep this formidable game on which we shared so nice moments alive. All cards will respect the spirit of the game but will explore new areas.

And if you are not convinced yet, our cards talk for us. Please just have a look and enjoy!

And a word about the project

This project is 100% non-profit. It's an unofficial fan-based, fan-made free work.