Working in the game industry for 12 years now, Ktoto led card game projects for companies such as Namco Bandai or EnMasse. He joined the Team to help them deliver the best card design possible.

Contact: teamapoka@gmail.com Faction: Astra


Digital graphic designer for more than 10 years and Conquest player since the beginning Kripper joins Apoka to deliver to the community the best aesthetic card possible to keep the fun and visual alive.

Contact: teamapoka@gmail.com
Faction: Tau


Tournament Management - Event Coordination / Alt-Card Creation - Card Distribution 

Contact: sorakthalass@hotmail.com     Faction: Eldar/Dark Eldar (Urien Rakarth / Jain Zar)

Warf Styxfury

AH/ANR/WHC player, rules expert, addicted to Blood Bowl now.
Contact : karkken@gmail.com
Faction: Cato/Tau, Naz/Astra


Game designer with a 6 years experience (with the last 2 of them in the digital game industry) and a fan of 40k for last 10 years. He previously was involved in the development of one of the official Warhammer 40k titles and has 2 CCG in his portfolio. As a part of the Apoka Team he is a game designer and mediator for Eastern Europe communities (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc).

Contact : corvus11obscurus@gmail.com
Faction: All of them ;)


Conquest is my favorite game. Avid gamer. Got annoyed that Conqest didn’t have a Jinteki site. So I redid the TTS one.

Favorite faction: Necrons


Polish translator and community contact.
Probably the world worst Warhammer Conquest player. Collector of card games and a worshiper of all twisted and mutated factions in every game. Praise the Nurgle Lord of Decay! 

 Faction: Chaos.


LCGs lover! 

Contact: Eu8L1ch on cardgamedb

Faction: Tau, Tyranid, Necron 

And many thanks to our testers around the world!